CJSDA 2020 Policies 
2020 Handbook




It is the responsibility of the student and parent/guardian to familiarise themselves with all CJSDA Studio Policies BEFORE registration.




  • We operate to the same term as Queensland state schools.

  • 2020 Term Dates are:

    • Term One: Tuesday 28 January - Saturday 4 April 2020

    • Term Two: Monday 20 April - Saturday 27 June 2020

    • Term Three: Monday 13 July - Saturday 19 September 2020

    • Term Four: Tuesday 6 October - Saturday 12 December 2020



  • Classes will NOT be held on the following public holidays:

    • ANZAC Day - Saturday 25 April 2020

    • EKKA Day - Friday 14 August 2020



  • There are NO regular classes held during school holiday periods. Eisteddfod Team members and exam candidates may be required to attend extra workshops/rehearsals during school holidays. These dates will be communicated well in advance.



  • All students must complete an online registration form before participating in any class/es. This can be accessed at

  • Students may not undertake dance training at another dance school in any style offered at CJSDSA while enrolled at CJSDA.

  • To finalise enrolment, parents/guardians must read and agree to all CJSDA policies. In order to submit an online Registration Form, parents/guardians will need to indicate they have read and accept CJSDA policies.

  • ALL registrations are subject to a 2020 Registration Fee of $45. A $10 discount applies to registrations received on or before 31 Dec 2019. This fee covers non-tuition essentials such as insurance, music licenses, studio communication and administration. To claim your discount use the code 20EARLY at registration checkout on the Parent Portal.



  • Trial classes are available to NEW students only.

  • Trial classes are $15 per class which is redeemable against Registration Fees should you choose to enrol after your trial. The only exception is Ready Set Ballet which is $10 for a trial. Students are able to trial both READY SET DANCE & READY SET BALLET for $20.

  • For legal and safety reasons anyone participating in a trial class must fill out a trial class registration form at the office so we have all your child's important information readily available to us if we need to contact you including emergency numbers and medical conditions.


  • CJSDA reserves the right to place students according to their age, ability and dance experience. Some classes require prerequisites or permission of instructor.



  • Parents are only permitted to view classes through our viewing windows. NB. These windows will be blocked in Term 4 as we prepare for the concert.

  • We will have two class viewing weeks (end of Terms 1 and 2) where parents will be permitted to view class from inside the studio.





  • Our fee structure is based on the number of classes a student takes per week. ALL classes (except Certificate in Dance courses, READY SET DANCE, READY SET BALLET and Tinies Acrobatics) count towards the final class count. 

  • READY SET BALLET is charged at $115 per term.

  • Tinies Acrobatics class is charged at $115 per term.

  • Our READY SET COMBO is $200 per term.

  • Certificate II in Dance (CUA20113) and Certificate III in Dance (CUA30113) students will be charged a course fee in addition to regular class fees as outlined below.



In 2019 we are offering two payment terms - direct debit or full term payment up-front. No other terms accepted.



If choosing this option you are signing up to pay the nominated amount for 10 consecutive weeks from the first week of each term. Debits will occur on a Friday. Dates below.

  • Service provided by EziDebit.

  • You can sign up to this service via the link provided by CJSDA in your registration confirmation email or at any time by selecting Auto Pay in the main menu of your Parent Portal. ALL direct debit customers MUST complete a Direct Debit Request form online.

  • Debits will pause once your term fees are paid off and will restart in the first week of the following term unless four (4) weeks written notice is provided.

  • Debits from a bank account will not attract any extra fee. Debits from a VISA or Mastercard are subject to a 2.35% fee. Debits from an AMEX or Diners Card are subject to a 4.4% fee. These fees are set by our service provider and cannot be altered.

  • If there are insufficient funds in your nominated payment method, a $14.80 Failed Payment Fee will be charged to your account (this fee is set and charged by EziDebit). A redebit will be attempted three (3) days after the original attempt. If this is also unsuccessful, a subsequent Failed Payment Fee will be charged.

  • If you would like to change the frequency of debits, please see reception or email




  • If not registered for direct debit, terms fees are due in full by the first day of each term.

  • Payment due dates for 2020 are:

    • Term 1: Tuesday 28 January 2020

    • Term 2: Monday 20 April 2020

    • Term 3: Monday 13 July 2020

    • Term 4: Tuesday 6 October 2020

  • Invoices will not be issued but full tuition will be posted to your account on the Parent Portal and a statement issued 14 days before fee due dates.

  • Payment can be made by cash, card, EFT transfer or through our Parent Portal via credit card or PayPal.




  • There are NO REFUNDS on any missed lessons. If students miss a lesson they may make it up by attending another class (any style) at their level.

  • CJSDA offers a money back guarantee on all weekly classes within the first week. No refunds beyond the first week.

  • New students starting the term prior to Week 3 will be charged full term fees, those starting from Week 3 and beyond will be charged on a pro-rated basis for the remainder of the term.

  • A student with an illness/injury requiring them to miss more than 4 weeks of classes can apply for a credit to their fees with a medical certificate. He/she must obtain a written medical clearance to restart classes.



  • Private lessons will be charged at $30 per 30 minutes or $50 per 45 minute class and can be booked through our Parent Portal.

  • Private lessons are NOT eligible for direct debit and MUST be paid in full at the time of the lesson by cash or card.

  • 24 hours notice MUST be given if a Private Lesson needs to be cancelled or the full lesson fee will be charged to your account.



  • If students have not signed up for direct debit AND fees are not paid up-front by the first day of each term, students WILL NOT be admitted to class. NO exceptions.






  • By registering, all parents and/or guardians agree to hold harmless from any and all liability CJSDA, its officers, employees and contractors both in their professional capacity and personally for all injury or illness resulting from or in any way connected with his/her participation in the classes, activities or special events at the studio. CJSDA assumes no responsibility for lost, misplaced, or stolen articles. Please put your name in all your belongings and do not leave valuables unattended.



  • I grant permission to the staff of CJSDA to take aid or emergency measures as judged necessary for the care and protection of my child while under the supervision of the studio. In case of medical emergency, I understand that my child will be transported to an appropriate medical facility by the local emergency unit for treatment if the emergency unit deems it necessary. I understand that in some medical situations the staff will need to contact the emergency resource before the child’s parent, physician, and or other person acting on the parent’s behalf. I also understand and agree that the child’s parents or legal guardians shall be responsible for any expenses incurred.first



  • I give permission for CJSDA to take photos of me or my child while participating in studio activities for promotional purposes. Names of students will not be used or disclosed.  Parents or legal guardians give permission to the studio to use photos and videos of their minor child without payment, in connection with the studio publication, advertising and news coverage.

  • Parents or guardians who do not wish images of their child (17yrs or under) published should contact the director Chelsea Clark-Spresser on at in strict confidence

  • Recording of any classes is strictly prohibited without the express permission of the teacher. Any video taken must NOT be posted to any form of social media.

  • I understand that for the safety of dancers and their families, any photos and/or videos of studio classes, rehearsals and performances, including dances in studio costumes, will not be used, published or posted publicly in or electronic format without the express written permission of the studio and the director.printed





  • To make the most out of your dance education, a respectful attitude and regular attendance

  • If absence occurs without explanation, students may forfeit their place in class.continued

  • Please do not rely on another student to communicate your absence. Use the Absentee Notice that is located on the Parent Portal to notify us of your absence, or call/text 0459205579



  • If a student is late we request they must join the class quietly and apologise to the class teacher by speaking to them personally before joining the class. 

  • If a student needs to leave early, we request they speak to the teacher before class and ask politely to be excused at the appropriate time.



  • Credit will not be given for missed classes due to illness, holidays or personal commitments.

  • Students may make up any class missed in any appropriate class of their choice at any time within the current term. 

  • Missed classes may be made up within the current term only.

  • A student with an illness/injury requiring them to miss more than 4 weeks of classes can apply for a credit to their fees with a medical certificate. He/she must obtain a written medical clearance to restart classes.



  • In the case of a weather event that causes CJSDA to cancel classes (eg. flooding), an announcement will be posted on our website, Facebook and when possible, you will receive an email and/or text message at the address/number provided during registration.

  • If CJSDA cancels a class due to inclement weather, students will be responsible for arranging their own make-up classes at a time that is convenient for them.

  • In the event of multiple cancellations, make-up classes will be scheduled during

  • No credit will be given for weather cancellations; however, students are always welcome to take make-up classes for any missed class at their regular times.



  • A student with an illness/injury requiring them to miss more than 4 weeks of classes can apply for a credit to their fees with a medical certificate. He/she must obtain a written medical clearance to restart classes.



  •  CJSDA reserves the right to cancel any class with insufficient registration.



  • All faculty members are subject to change. In the event of a change, we will present you with an equally qualified instructor.



  • Our schedule may be subject to change depending on registrations.

  • In the up to our end-of-year concert, some classes may be combined and extra rehearsals may be necessary. See for our current timetable.lead



  • If you would like to add a class after registration, please see Reception.

  • Four weeks notice in writing MUST be given if discontinuing any class/es.





  • It’s important that ALL students are dressed accordingly for all classes. This not only ensures students are able to move freely but is also a health and safety requirement.

  • The correct uniform includes the correct tights and shoes for each class. It’s a policy of CJSDA that tights and a leotard are worn for all classes for students from Sub-Junior level and above.

  • No bare midriffs allowed in any class. 

  • For full uniform requirements including suggested hair styles and boys uniform, please see



  • CJSDA leotards, leggings, dance tights, dance shorts and dance singlets are available to purchase from reception.

  • Payment can be made by cash or card at the time of purchase.

  • In the event we do not have your size in stock, an order will be placed and estimated delivery time advised.

  • There is no refund on CJSDA merchandise/dancewear unless the item is faulty. No refund for change of mind. 

  • We are happy to exchange sizes provided the item has not been worn and tags still attached.



  • Students are expected to always work to their full potential in all classes.

  • Students should address all teachers by their correct title.

  • If the class is taking turns to practice an exercise, students are expected to watch their classmates without speaking.

  • If students are not feeling well or have an injury they should tell the class teacher about it at the start of every lesson.

  • Students will not laugh, make or speak badly about another student. judgement

  • Students should not touch another student unless asked to. 



  • Students are required to clean up after themselves and maintain neat and clean studios, change rooms and toilets.

  • Bullying of any kind is not tolerated at CJSDA. Any accusation will be discussed with students involved and parents will be contacted.

  • Students should speak quietly and respect that classes are in progress. 

  • Students are not permitted to stand or jump on furniture.

  • In certain circumstances, when it is in the best interest of one or more students, it may be necessary for the CJSDA to terminate a student’s enrolment. Every effort will be made to correct a problematic situation before terminating enrolment. Reasons for termination of enrolment include the following: disruptive or dangerous behaviour by students or their parents; abuse of other children, staff, or property, and; of CJSDA to meet the child’s needs.inability



  • Should a person exhibit any behaviour that may be considered as intimidating, threatening or offensive, whether this over the phone, in class, towards a staff member, student or family member, their enrolment will be forfeited immediately and a life-time ban from CJSDA implemented. We will not tolerate any aggressive language, raising of voice or disrespect to our customers, students or



  • Any personal items such as clothing and shoes left after class are placed in Lost Property. Anything left at the end of each term is donated to charity.



  • Students are required to clean up after themselves and maintain neat and clean studios, change rooms and toilets.



  • Please drive safely and ensure you are not blocking any driveways or entrances to our neighbouring businesses.



  • Report all accidents and injuries to the teacher and staff at the front Reception desk immediately.  All accidents and injuries must have an accident/injury report registered.



  • Our three dance studios and downstairs are monitored by closed-circuit security cameras.

  • These are for insurance purposes and to ensure the safety of all of our students.

  • Please be assured we take student privacy VERY seriously and the only people who have access to the vision are CJSDA management and, if needed, our solicitors and insurance agents.



  • Recording of any classes is strictly prohibited without the express permission of the teacher. Any video taken must NOT be posted to any form of social media.





  • Our 2020 production is expected to be held on Saturday 12 December at St John's Anglican College, Forest Lake (date, time & venue TBC).



  • It is expected that all students will participate in our end of year concert. If you do not wish your child to perform at this event, please let us know by emailing no later than Saturday 19 September 2020. Any student who withdraws from the concert after this date may still be liable for costume payments.

  • In the event of serious illness or injury leading up to the concert, please discuss your participation options with the Director.

  • The number of classes a student takes will determine how involved they are in this production. There are necessary costs involved in the production such as costumes fees and these are advised in a timely manner.



  • ALL students participating in the 2020 concert will have $80 added to their Term 4 fees which covers all extra rehearsals, a commemorative t-shirt (with full student listing), medal and a professionally-filmed downloadable copy of the show.

  • Families with more than one student will be charged $80 for the first student and $35 per subsequent student. Families on direct debits are able to pay this fee over 10 weeks in Term 4.

  • This fee DOES NOT include any costumes.



  • A non-refundable $50 costume deposit per class taken (except DanceFit) will be added to each student’s account in Term Three. This deposit is to cover the initial costume order and is payable in 30 days by cash, card or EFT. Any balance owing will be invoiced in Term 4.

  • Non-payment of this deposit may result in a costume not being ordered/purchases for your child.

  • NO costume will be distributed unless paid in full.



  • All audience members are expected to hold a ticket. Details about pricing and on-sale dates will be communicated closer to showtime. Our production is professionally filmed and photographed with photos and DVDs available for purchase.



  • In the lead up to the concert, extra rehearsals outside of normal class times may be necessary. These will be advised as early as possible in Term Four.

  • All students are required to attend a full dress rehearsal at the theatre on the afternoon of the performance.





  • All costume invoices will be added to your account online and can be paid in cash, by card or via online transfer. NO costume will be distributed unless paid in full.

  • Where possible a deposit will be billed initially with the balance due on delivery.



  • Eating is NOT permitted in costume. If at a competition or performance, please change into your CJSDA uniform before getting lunch or a snack.

  • Make sure all parts of your costume are clearly labelled with your name. Please use your common sense when finding somewhere to label your costumes and make sure it is not visible.

  • If you need to wash your costume, do so in cold water only using a mild detergent. Always hand wash where possible.

  • Storing your costumes properly will help them last longer and remain “as new”. When storing your costumes, ensure they are kept in a dry environment and all pieces are kept together. A zip-lock plastic bag clearly labelled with the costume name is a good option.

  • When bringing a costume the Studio to be re-sold, please ensure your costume has been washed and any sweat, tan or makeup stains and marks to

  • Please don’t allow your child - or others - to play in costume.



  • All students will be measured by our teachers at the start of the year and again at the start of Term 3. Costume sizes ordered will be based on these measurements.

  • As with most clothes, sometimes sizes can fit differently. If the costume ordered is noticeably too big or small, every effort will be made to alter the costume or find a replacement size. Please note dance costumes should be relatively tight to ensure safe movement.



  • Costumes deposits are strictly non-refundable unless adequate notice is given about non-participation (see 6.3 above). 

  • If a costume is faulty, a refund will not be issued however a replacement will be ordered at no cost to the student/parent.





  • Entry to the CJSDA Eisteddfod Team is open to any student who takes a minimum of one RAD ballet class, one graded ISTD jazz technique AND one graded ISTD tap class.

  • Eisteddfod team students must attend the TWO Eisteddfod Team classes for their relevant age group per week (one for 6/u).

  • Students in the 10/under, 12/under, 15/under and Opens teams must also attend the DanceFit class.



  • Eisteddfod age groups are based on the student age on 31 DECEMBER 2019. Please only select one age group on your 2019 Registration Form.



  • ALL Eisteddfod team members are eligible for ONE free lesson per term as follows: 6-8/u: Acrobatics; 10/u-Opens: DanceFit.



  • Some Eisteddfod competitions may fall during school hours and will require students to miss a day of school.  All students MUST perform at ALL Eisteddfod competitions selected. please take note of competition dates when organising holidays.Parents

  • Just because your child/children are in the Eisteddfod Team does not mean they will be performing at all competitions. Their performance, attitude, enthusiasm, ATTENDANCE and COMMITMENT during class will determine whether or not they will participate

  • Expected competitions for 2019 are:

    • BPAC: 13-28 June 2020

    • Get The Beat: 18-19 July 2020

    • Beenleigh Eisteddfod: 1-9 August 2020

    • Starpower (TBC): 29-30 August 2020



  • ALL Eisteddfod Team students are required to purchase an Eisteddfod Team jacket for $85. This is compulsory and students must arrive in uniform for ALL competitions and performances.



  • All Eisteddfod Team students and their patents will be asked to sign a commitment letter at the start of 2019. This document includes information about communication, competition dates, attendance expectations, social media and a Code of Ethics.

  • At any time, staff feel students are not performing to their full ability or are not coping with the demands of the team, a meeting will be requested to discuss a recommended course of action.



  • ALL Eisteddfod Team students (except the 6/under Team) must attend our Eisteddfod Intensive held from 20-23 January which includes our two-day Back To Dance workshops in addition to two days of Eisteddfod-specific choreography, team bonding and training.



  • There are extra costs associated with being a part of our Eisteddfod Team such as costuming and entry fees. These will be notified as soon as possible ahead of competition season.



  • Students who would like to be considered for a solo/duo/trio should approach the Director.

  • Students will only be given a solo/duo/trio in a dance style in which they are enrolled for a class.

  • Only students enrolled in classes at CJSDA can utilise studio teachers and premises for solo/duo/trio work.

  • The fees for solos/duos/trios are as follows and include edited music and a pre-discussed number of hours for tuition (depending on the needs of the student). This is a total cost and includes more than one lesson.

    • Solo: $200

    • Duo: $240 ($120 per student)

    • Trio: $285 ($95 per student)

  • Costume costs for any solo/duo/trio are the responsibility of the student

  • Teachers reserve the right to refuse to allow a student to perform if the teacher has not seen the student perform their routine within six months of the competition entered.  Students are required to book a private lesson for teacher assessment unless they have been seen at a private class

  • Students may not compete as a member for any other dance school while enrolled at CJSDA.soloist / troupe




  • Entry to the CJSDA Elite Squad is by Director’s Invitation only and is open to students from 7 years old.

  • To be considered for the Program, students must commit to at least one graded ISTD  jazz technique, one graded ISTD tap and two ballet classes per week for the entire year in addition to relevant Eisteddfod Team classes.

  • Further invitations to new students and current students may be issued during the year.

  • CJSDA reserves the right to remove any student from the Elite Squad should they not be reaching expected standards.





  • Students are eligible to take ballet, tap and jazz exams at the discretion of the director.

  • Students who wish to undertake a ballet examination MUST participate in at least two classes per week.

  • Students who wish to undertake a jazz technique examination from Grade 4 level MUST also participate in at least one ballet class per week.


  • Invitations and invoices will be issued to eligible students well in advance of exam dates and include your exam fee, holiday workshops and exam uniform hire/purchase.


  • Costs for exams are set by the awarding body (Royal Academy of Dance for ballet, Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing for tap and jazz).

  • CJSDA adds extra costs to exam fees to cover compulsory holiday workshop exam preparation classes (see 10.6), exam uniform hire/purchase (see 10.5), music costs and administration costs associated with examination entries.


  • Students will be advised of a 5-6 week date range during which exams may fall at the time of invitation.

  • As our examination awarding bodies are worldwide organisations, we are unable to provide students with an exact exam date at the time of entries. Our exams are scheduled in co-operation with other schools in the area and are dependent on examiner movement around the region. As soon as exam dates are confirmed with us, students will be notified.

  • You may be required to take time off school for this exam - if so, CJSDA are able to provide a letter for your teacher/principal including details of the exam.


  • Your CJSDA exam uniform will be hired from CJSDA and the cost is included in your exam entry fee.

  • Graded ballet exam students (Primary - Grade 5) will also be required to purchase ballet shoes from CJSDA, the cost of which is included in your exam fee. 

  • Any other shoes required for your exam are your responsibility and will be advised at the time of invitation.

  • Exam uniforms will be distributed on the day of your exam and should be returned immediately following your exam to avoid incurring extra costs.

  • The hire fee covers the wear and maintenance of the uniform plus hair accessories.


  • ALL students who accept an exam invitation are required to attend holiday exam preparation workshop classes on dates specified by CJSDA at the time of invitation. No exceptions.

  • The CJSDA holiday exam workshops programmed before each exam session are compulsory for all exam candidates.

  • Dates for workshops are advertised well in advance and are also available in exam invitations sent out prior to exam closing dates.

  • Important extra work is taught during exam preparation workshop sessions so they are vital for any student who commits to taking an exam.

  • Depending on progress of students extra exam preparation classes may be required.

  • If students need to miss any workshop classes, no makeup or credits can be offered, and private lessons must be booked (at a cost to the student) to cover missed work.


  • All exam candidates will be required to attend a Mock Exam prior to their scheduled exam. This will be scheduled by CJSDA once exam dates are finalised.

  • Parents are permitted to watch mock exams but must not distract students.



  • The examiner and pianist are the only people who see the exam. Teachers may only enter the exam room to bring refreshments or urgent messages.


  • CJSDA reserves the right to withdraw any students from an examination should their preparation be deemed insufficient.

  • If a student needs to withdraw due to sickness, injury or personal reasons, procedures set by the awarding body must be followed.


  • Exam results and certificates are issued by the awarding body up to 8 weeks after the exam date.

  • Results and certificates will be distributed to students in a timely manner once received by CJSDA management