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Make Up Classes Scheduled!

We're excited to announce we are now compliant with the dance industry's government-approved COVID Safe Plan meaning we've been able to proceed scheduling in the majority of remaining makeup classes from the end of Term 1.

This plan greatly increases the number of students we can have in our facility at one time however there are still some restrictions in place.

The full timetable is available from the Shared Files section of our Parent Portal, however, the easiest way to see your individual makeup class schedule is to log into the Parent Portal and select the Calendar icon from the main menu. From there you can scroll through to see your timetabled classes. All makeup classes are labeled Make-Up Class.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time as we work within restrictions to ensure can we deliver all makeup classes.

A reminder that our COVID Safe protocols (waiting room and reception closed to parents, prompt drop off and pick up, no attendance if unwell) will continue to be observed during all makeup classes.

ALL acrobatics students are required to bring a large towel to place over our yoga mats to ensure hygiene.

Looking forward to seeing all of our students back in the studio over the next 3 weeks!

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