Do timetables stay the same for the entire year?

Timetable may be subject to change depending on registrations. In the lead up to our concert some classes may be combined. Click here for our current timetable or here for our proposed 2019 timetable.

What is your current timetable?

You can see our current class schedule here.

Performances & Eisteddfods

Are there any performance opportunities?

Yes, in addition annual concert we offer selected classes several performance opportunities throughout the year. Our Eisteddfod Team also perform at at least three competitions during Eisteddfod Season (Terms 2 & 3).

Can students participate in solo, duo or trio competitions?

Definitely! Students wishing to compete in classical or theatrical style solos/duos or trios in Eisteddfods may apply to their teachers. Students will only be given a solo/duo/trio in a dance style in which they are enrolled for a class. See reception for details and to book.

Studio Rules

Can parents and siblings watch class?

We don’t allow anyone other than students in the studio during classes however we do have viewing windows to Studios 1 and 2. These windows will be covered in Term 4 during concert preparation. We also have class viewing weeks at the end of Terms 1 and 2.

Are children supervised between classes?

Yes but CJSDA accept no responsibility for students outside their class times. Students must be collected promptly from studio door.


Does CJSDA offer exams and are they compulsory?

We offer official exams from pre primary to advanced levels in classical ballet, jazz and tap. These are optional. Click here for more information.


Can I do a trial before I enrol?

Absolutely yes! However for legal and safety reasons anyone participating in a trial class must fill out some paperwork at the office so we have all your child's important information readily available to us if we need to contact you emergency numbers, medical conditions, etc. Trial classes are $15 each (valid for two lessons). This amount will be credited towards registration fees should you choose to enrol for the remainder of the term.

Does CJSDA offer 'boys only' classes?

Yes- we offer 'Boys Only' hip hop for students aged 9-12. All our other classes are choreographed for boys and girls. If your son is concerned about dancing in a female dominated class, send him along with a friend.

Can I do a make up class if I am absent?

Yes. Find a similar class on the timetable and let the office know that you will be attending. Make up classes can be taken for missed classes due to illness, travel or public holidays. Missed classes may be made up within the current term only.

What if my child doesn't like a class?

We offer a money back guarantee on all weekly classes within the first week. See p27 for our refund policy. It is important to know that at times young children will explore the limits of attending class and say they don’t want to go. This period may occur anytime but is usually short-lived. Some ideas that might help you handle the situation: emphasise what the child is doing at the dance class rather than what you do while they are in class; avoid long good-byes; expect the tears and know that usually they are for the parent’s benefit.


How do I pay my fees?

Fees can be paid via weekly direct debit or in full each term by the first day of classes. See our Fees Policy for more information.